January 2015



Live Project

Focus AI

This repository contains all of my work (other than readings) for my Senior Focus Honors project.

I am researching gameplaying AI and how they interact with human players. Specifically, I want to learn how to create an AI that can play a gamelike a regular human does.

After looking into numerous Machine Learning algorithms and suitable games, I decided to use the Dynamic Scripting algorithm to create an AI that plays Checkers.

By April of 2015, I hope to have created an AI for Checkers using this algorithm. In addition, I wish to create a website on which people can play against the AI (and against themselves), and then rate the perceived "humanness" level of their opponent. This will allow me to collect data on how the AI is faring so that I can improve upon it if necessary.

The final project is located on my personal website, https://panchr.me/focus.

My final paper for my first semester research is also on my personal website, https://panchr.me/papers/focus.pdf.

Note: most of my code and development work is the dev branch. I will merge it into the master branch every week, so the weekly tag will contain the latest development work.

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